Visit the following links to learn irregular verbs playing games. Click on the game's name to start.


English Irregular Verbs: Score points by answering questions correctly.

Irregular Verbs Interactive Game: Find the correct pairs of matching present and past verbs

Spacecats Irregular Verbs: Click on the Space Cat with the correct form of the verb.

Speedwords Irregular Verbs 1: Use the letter tiles to spell out your answer as quickly as possible.
Speedwords Irregular Verbs 2:
Speedwords Irregular Verbs 3:
Speedwords Irregular Verbs 4: .
Speedwords Irregular Verbs 5:

War of the Words: Earth is being attacked, can you save it?

Let's play hangman: Guess the word before 6 fails.

Irregular Verbs Crossword: Complete the crossword with the correct verb forms.

Irregular Verbs Word Search: Print out the puzzle and find the past tense forms of the verbs.